Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Monthly Mix: September 2011!

Yes, yes, I know Fall is not really here yet, but I simply REFUSE to endure one more minute of that hot and sticky Summer mindset. I've put my foot down and made a September mix with the exclusive purpose of tricking myself into believing my favorite season of the year is already upon us. All of my old Autumn standbys are here (Rose Melberg, Velocity Girl, Slumber Party, Clock Strikes Thirteen, etc), but there's also a few new songs from Widowspeak and Dum Dum Girls fitting the bill rather perfectly. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you're as excited about the coming season as I am!


Here's the tracklist:
01. Blake Babies “Severed Lips” (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
02. Widowspeak “Half Awake”
03. Velocity Girl “Tripping Wires
04. Pencil Tin “In Dreams”
05. Veruca Salt “Fly”
06. The Nonpareils “Inside”
07. Spent “Stumble Up The Stairs”
08. Tiger Trap “You’re Sleeping”
09. Engine No. 9 “Sleep”
10. Semi-Gloss “Groupie’s Lament”
11. Clock Strikes Thirteen “One Cold Day”
12. Slumber Party “I Never Dreamed”
13. Cuffs “Privilege”
14. Wild Carnation “Wings”
15. Dum Dum Girls “Wasted Away”
16. Tsunami “Kidding On The Square”

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Monday, August 31, 2009

A monthly mix: September!

Crafted for Fall.

It's monthly mix time again! Just in time for school! I got really excited making this mix because I got to make it seasonally appropriate. Autumn, as some may know, is my number one favorite season of all and it's finally just around the corner! It's just starting to get a little colder at night and that great Autumn smell is just starting to work it's way into the air! There some obviously titled songs (see: MLS and The Castaway Stones tracks), some that just really remind me of Fall (see: Gaze and Pants Yell!) along with a bunch of other new and old tracks that I think you'll find quite fantastic and fitting. I hope that you enjoy it!

Hopefully now that I'll be in more of a set schedule with school, I'll be posting more, too! I've got a lot of great stuff that I want to get up here!


01. The Manhattan Love Suicides "Autumn Fades In"
02. #Poundsign# "Coffee Flavoured Friend"
03. Moonpools & Caterpillars "Colossal Youth"
04. Holiday Flyer "Things That Made You Blue"
05. Gaze "400 A.D."
06. Fudge "Pez"
07. Language Of Flowers "Leaving"
08. Tsunami "Water's Edge"
09. The Castaway Stones "Autumn II"
10. The Cat's Miaow "If Things Had Been Different"
11. The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa "What's"
12. Embarrassing Fruits "Corner"
13. Weed Hounds "Embrace (More Or Less)"
14. Fireflies "Butterscotch"
15. The Magnetic Fields "The Trouble I've Been Looking For"
16. Pants Yell! "Our Turf"

*Apologies for sendspace link, but the file was too big to use drop.io :(

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