Tuesday, March 09, 2010

NYC Popfest spotlight: Dream Diary

Dream Diary

I first heard Dream Diary this past Fall and loved the two Brighter-esque songs they had up on MySpace at that time. Fast forward to now — those still seem to be the only songs they've got in circulation and I still haven't caught wind of any planned releases. As the previous Brighter name-drop may have suggested, the Brooklyn group play twinklingly classic indiepop from the heart! I feel like they should have had something released on Holiday Records by now — seems like the perfect home for them! Anyway, make sure you don't miss them when they play Thursday, May 20 on the opening night of Popfest at the Cake Shop! Until then!

[MP3]: Dream Diary :: Bird In My Garden

Dream Diary on MySpace!
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Blogger String Bean Jen said...

Holy shit! These are EXCELLENT. Listen to those guitars. And the production turned up high and sparkling. WOW!

5:32 AM  

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