Monday, February 27, 2006


Continuing with their amazing "one EP for every month of 2006" campaign, Bishop Allen now brings you the amazing, the beautiful, the February EP. I really really love the cover art for this one, but its not all about the cover art now is it? Nope, it's about he music, and I'm immediately much more in love with this one than the January EP. It sounds a lot more Charm Schooly than the January EP, and by that i mean, much more jangly, bouncy and poppy. Just take a listen to this track, from the February EP.

[MP3]: Bishop Allen :: Vain
Compared to "Corazon" from the January EP, this song is much more true to the Bishop Allen form that I love. That fun, bouncy, rollicking rock sound. I have a difficult time calling them indie rock sometimes though, because they always seem so poppy to me, but then there's songs like this where the indie rock label isn't in question. This song really grabs me in the chorus right when the tabourine starts in and the guitar puts on the slightest bit of distortion, it's just perfect.

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