Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't You Worry, You'll Be Fine

Brooklyn's Man In Gray are a little dancey, a little trashy, yet somehow always classy. With a host of obvious influences ranging from Sleater-Kinney, Pretty Girls make Graves, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Man In Gray still manage to harness their own infectious sound.

The Village Voice says, "Tina DaCosta's tart and commanding vocals give these (mostly) Brooklynites a rare everyday believability. Four boys behind her do an intricate post-punk forward-motion-with-spaces blur."

[MP3]: Man In Gray :: Incommunicado
I'll lay it out real simple for you, there's more energy within these 4 minutes of anti-war rhetoric than I've heard all year. Think Karen O fronting Sonic Youth and you've pretty much got it, those dirty ringing guitars paired with the very fast paced and pissed off vocals are impossible to deny. The thing I really love about this song though is that everytime you think it's reached it's climax, it just keeps fighting higher and higher until you almost get the feeling than front woman Tina DaCosta has completely run out of breath, which may or may not actually be the case.

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So for those of you keeping count, this would mark, what, the 600th Radiohead compilation?

Dreams of Horses has a new Rogers Sisters track. I have a feeling I'm going to love the new album.
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