Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Rainer Maria Album Drops April 4th

After about three years since their last proper release, 2003's Long Knives Drawn, veteran indie rockers Rainer Maria are back with their fifth studio album Catastrophe Keeps Us Together. The new album was recorded with Malcolm Burn (Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Emmy Lou Harris) and Peter Katis (Interpol) throughout 2004 and 2005, features ten original tracks, and for the first time in the group's history, a cover song: "I'll Keep It with Mine", from Nico's Chelsea Girls, written by Bob Dylan. Catastrophe Keeps Us Together drops April 4th as the debut release from newly formed label Grunion Records.

Tracklist for Catastrophe Keeps Us Together:
01. Catastrophe
02. Life of Leisure
03. Burn
04. Bottle
05. Terrified
06. Track 06
07. Already Lost
08. Ghost
09. Make You Mine
10. Southpaw
11. I'll Keep It With Mine

"Life of Leisure" and "Burn" are up streaming on Rainer Maria's Myspace right as I speak. I highly recommend you go listen to both, but if you've only got time for one you better make it "Life of Leisure." But for those of you who have never listened to them ever before, and would like a better introduction, have a listen to this jem of a song.

[MP3]: Rainer Maria :: Ears Ring

The band will also be touring the U.S. through most of March and making a stop at SXSW March 15th through 18th. For more info on dates and such go here.
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