Monday, February 13, 2006

Brian Michael Roff & The Deer

Brian Michael Roff & The Deer is basically a revolving door act of various amounts of musicians all contributing at different times and places to create music that one would call Americana. It's mostly folky indie rock, but with just enough rock to keep it from slipping over into the country genre. Their new album, Inventory, will come housed in a letterpress packaging which is hand-numbered(out of 1,000) and includes a mini-Inventory tag that's signed by Brian Michael Roff. Keep Recordings is known for their commitment to fine one-of-a-kind packaging for each album they release. These songs have a sort of Nick Drake sound to them that I'm finding to be very nice right at this very moment as I'm looking out my window at the 12 inches of snow in my front yard.

[MP3]: From Inventory
This Thick World
Drank the Lake

Buy Inventory from
P.S. Be the band's Myspace friend and recieve a special gift when you order the album.

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