Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves "Make Our Video" Contest and Matador Records have teamed up for a Pretty Girls Make Graves for a music video contest. The rules are simple: Download Pretty Girls Make Graves' new single "The Nocturnal House," listen to it, then make a music video for it and upload it to in the Pretty Girls Make Graves group.

The prizes are plenty of reason enough to go get out your camera right now and get started. The winner will be given $1,000 in cold, hard cash and be flown out to New York all expenses paid to hang with the band and see them live in concert courtesy of Matador records. You'll receive spending cash and your flight, your hotel, even your food will be paid for in this exclusive contest. How's that for a prize!

For the 20 runner-ups, you'll get a Matador Records prize pack, including signed CDs, posters and a bunch music from artists like Mogwai, Cat Power, Mission of Burma, Belle & Sebastian, Early Man, Pavement, Interpol, and The New Pornographers. So even if your video sucks you still get tons of stuff, what a deal!

[MP3]: Pretty Girls Make Graves :: The Nocturnal House

Official Rules and etc and etc.
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