Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Mean Way In

Chris posted on Division Day a little while back and I got their EP, The Mean Way In, in the mail yesterday and it does not disappoint. The only slight complaint I had at first was that the singer sounds a little bit like Brandon Boyd from Incubus, but I've gotten over it, the music outweighs it. They have a bit of a Dismemberment Plan sound to them as well, vocally and lyrically, I can see some Travis Morrison in these songs. They have their debut full length Beartrap Island scheduled for release in March and from the couple songs on their website, it's sounds like it's gonna be a winner.

[MP3]: From The Mean Way In
Bad Black Moon
There Is No Telling

[MP3]: From Beartrap Island
Beartrap Island


I am deeply deeply in love with this album! Here's one of my favorite tracks from Danielson's "Ships" which is set to be released by Secretly Canadian in May.

"[For 'Ships'] Daniel made a long list of artists who have worked with Danielson over the years and other folks who planned to work together at some point. This list led to working with family, making new friends, and keeping the old. All joined together - both the well-known (Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Why?) and not as well-known artists (Sereena Maneesh, Leopulde, Half-handed Cloud) - each bringing his or her own skills and ideas to Daniel's songs and voice, resulting in this crowning achievement."

[MP3]: Danielson :: Cast It At The Setting Sail (HIGHLY REC'D!)

Danielson Headquarters on Myspace!

Badminton Stamps has the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs single "Gold Lion" (not the remix) and it's AWESOME! (via GvB)
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