Thursday, February 02, 2006

Such A Magical Mind

Montreal just seems to be churning out great new bands everyday, the newset one to grab my attention is Harvee. Harvee has been getting a lot of buzz around Montreal lately and they've also been getting a lot of comparisons to The Arcade Fire. I don't exactly see the Arcade Fire comparisons, but I can totally understand why they're getting a lot of buzz, they're really good. This song is from their recent sessions at Montreal's famous recording studio Hotel2Tango.

It might be this song that's getting them the Arcade Fire comparisons, as the guitar has a a bit of a "Wake Up" feel to it. But that's not what makes the song succeed, it's the chorus, the glorious Talking Heads-esque chorus. I don't know it it's the guitar or the bassline or the female back-up vocals but Everything just clicks when the chorus comes around. I've actually skipped back throught the song to listen to the chorus again. Keep an eye on these guys!

[MP3]: Harvee :: Magical Mind

Head over to I Guess I'm Floating and grab up some of the goodies he's just put up. Said goodies consist of Jack Johnson covering the White Stripes(it's actually good!) and The Decemberists covering Elliott Smith, among other wonderfulous covers.
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