Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When You Were Mine

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The single for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's "Young Shields" came out on January 30th. But guess what? I don't like CTFTPA. I do however, love Caralee McElroy of Xiu Xiu and she sings on the B-Side, a Prince cover called "When You Were Mine." This song isn't much musically but I like it a lot, basically because of the cutesy boy/girl vocal interplay. We(I) here at Skatterbrain have a wild obsession with Xiu Xiu and aim to bring you anything and everything involving them, so here's the song.

[MP3]: CTFTPA (Featuring Caralee McElroy) :: When You Were Mine

*EDIT* MP3 fixed. Sorry about that :)

Matt's got a Page France show for your downloading pleasure. Hot Diggity Dog!

Chris over at GvB has got a new Voxtrot song from their brand new EP.

Check out Cat power's new video for "Living Proof" on MTV's Overdrive. (via Stereogum)
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