Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sleepytime Mixtape Project: 7 & 8

First of all, I'm sorry about yesterday's lack of posting, I(along with almost every other blogger) was having some serious issues with blogger, that I THINK are now resolved. Second of all, I'd like to thank Matt for linking to my esteemed endeavor I like to call the Sleepytime Mixtape Project. Third of all of all, I hope you guys and gals enjoyed yesterday's songs, they're two of my favorites. Finally, today's songs are late, but I hope you like them.

7. [MP3]: Múm :: There Is A Number Of Small Things
This song is a trip through Candyland, a peek into the innocence of a young child's mind. The song begins with what sounds like either bells or xylophone placed over some keyboard tones, to create a soothing melody like no one else can. And then at the end the beat picks up and more and more instruments come in all seemlessly meshed together while a woman's voice hums over top. Absolutely Brilliant.

8. [MP3]: Radiohead :: Motion Picture Soundtrack (Acoustic)
The studio version of this song is beautiful, but this unplugged version takes it to a whole other level that I didn't even know it could reach. Some have speculated that this version may just be the greatest sleepytime song ever to exist. I will have to agree, since I have slept like a baby many a night after listening to this one on repeat. Thom's voice and lyrics are the standout on this song and in this version he stretches his voice almost to the point of breaking and whether or not the emotion is real, it's deeply affecting.

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