Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sigur Ros Is On Conan Tonight!

It's on pretty soon, so stop reading this right now and go watch NBC (it's totally not Conan's fault, nothing is Conan's fault) cut off Sigur Ros, we all know it's innevitable although I really hope it doesn't happen. I'll be back later to edit this post and give my two cents on the performance. Go! Watch! Now!

So they didn't get cut off! Yay! But, although they did a flawless performance and I loved it, I still would've rather heard a different song. The ended up playing "Heysátan" and while it's a very good song and a perfect close to the album, I was hoping for something more along the lines of their more louder fare. Can't win em all though, and I guess playing "Heysátan" made sense because they didnt have to worry about transporting as many instruments and pieces of equipment with them. The vocals were spot on and sounded really great and they even had a four piece horn section playing with them too. All in all, it was totally worth staying up for.

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