Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sleepytime Mixtape Project: 13 & 14

Well, this is the last post of the Sleepytime Mixtape Project and I really had a fun time doing it. Thanks to everyone who gave lots of positive feedback on the project, I'll likely do something like it again again in the future. I hope you liked yesterday's songs, I saved some of the best for last. Today I bring you songs 13 and 14, as well as a BONUS song to stick on the end!

13. [MP3]: Low :: Sunflowers
This song was actually the inspiration for the Sleepytime Mixtape Project. At one point, before I actually bought the whole album, I burned just this song onto a cd and just let it play on repeat in my stereo. Looking back, that was a horrible waste of resources, but still it just proves how awesome that song is, and considering how simple a song it is, it's quite amazing how beautiful and dense it is.

14. [MP3]: Spiritualized :: Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating In Space
Most of you might recognize this song from the movie Vanilla Sky, but I didn't feel like the movie did it justice. I mean, this song illustrates its title PERFECTLY, and really, what could be better when you're laying in bed at night than to feel like you're out floating in space? Exactly. It's amazing how just the one line in this song can become so powerful by the end, this song can be a tearjerker if you're in the right mood.

BONUS! [MP3]: Circulatory System :: Forever
Campfire sounds, tape hiss, acoustic guitar, that's all it takes. I love how you can just feel the love oozing out of this song from all ends, it always makes me happy and it's a great way to end the day. "We will live forever and you know it's true." You know it's true.

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