Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And In Between The Other Thoughts We Dream

Spastic buzzing electronic music and breathy beautiful vocals is nothing new, there's a good deal of bands doing it. However, there's only a few of those bands that really get it right. Half of the time the vocals overcome the music and it's no longer the bumping fuzzed out electronic jam that it could've been. Then there's the cases where the vocals aren't strong enough and it turns into the bumping fuzzed out electronic jam that it shouldn't be. Sometimes though, it's just right.

Ms. John Soda's forthcoming album Notes and the Like is a full of distorted keyboards, fuzzed out bass, sleepy vocals, and some of the finest melodies to grace my ears so far this year. The last half of this album is flawless in my opinion. "Outlined View" sounds like blend of organic and electronic instrumentation that lies somewhere between The Postal Service and Mum, culling Gibbard's electro-pop catchiness and Mum's lush electronic soundscapes all into something amazing. If you download one song this week, make it this one.

[MP3]: Ms. John Soda :: Outlined View (Highly, Highly Rec'd!!!)

Notes and the Like will be released by Berlin label Morr Music in early March. The album is the follow-up to Ms. John Soda's last album, While Talking.

Notes And The Like Tracklisting :
1. A Nod On Hold
2. Hands
3. Scan The Ways
4. A Million Times
5. No. One
6. Outlined View
7. Line By Line
8. Sometimes Stop, Sometimes Go
9. Plenty Of
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