Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Post That's Not As Good As YANP's But Oh Well

It's Valentine's Day. Awesome. Let's just say I've never been fond of Valentine's Day. It would make sense to make a post ranting against Valentine's Day, but I'm not going to, for a few reasons:
1. B is a really great letter.
2. Matt's already made an unbeatable "Anti-love song" post.
3. I want to post "Loopy Loopy Love"
4. No one else is going to make a "Band's that start with B and write songs concerning love" Valentine's Day post. Except me of course, because I'm some kind of genious.

Okay so in the spirit of the flower and greeting card companies' biggest selling day all year, here are some of my personal favorite songs for this most special occasion.

[MP3]: The Brunettes :: Loopy Loopy Love
I'm quite sure this might be the cutest song ever written. The male and female vocal harmonies are enough to make even the manliest of men want to cuddle with a puppy. Plus, you'd be lying if you say you've never wanted to go and kill yourself a cupid.

[MP3]: Belle and Sebastian :: I'm Waking Up to Us
My second favorite Belle and Sebastian song of their entire catalog also happens to be a very fitting song for those of you Valentine's Day haters. This song is for everyone, because there is no one that hasn't been in this situation before, and boy does it suck.

[MP3]: Beulah :: Landslide Baby
This song take a different point of view and is actually incredibly well written, switching from husband and wife points of view thought out the song. In the chorus Miles sings as if he were the wife(his) and yelling at the husband(himself) for being a bad partner and that she cant wait around any longer. An oddly optimistic sounding song, until of course, you pay attention to the lyrics. My favorite song on Yoko, by the way.

Only three, I think you'll live though. Especially since most of you have these songs anyway.

Chris has a got a lovely Valentine's Day song for you.

Aquarium Drunkard has some songs by one of my favorite bands ever, Low.

Joggers are hitting the road for a spring tour.
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