Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who's Gonna Care?

Having just listened to the totally rad NYC band's new-ish-ish "Who's Gonna Care?" 7" EP, caUSE co-MOTION should not only be applauded for their brilliant nonsensical crashpop, but also for the expediency of their personal shipping, as the record basically arrived on my doorstep before I even finished closing the paypal window. It was actually released back in February on the band's own Can't! Cope! Records, but I just realized this fact about a week ago and quickly snapped it up! Glad I did, too, cause it's awesome. a-side, "You Don't Know" is my personal favorite – a perfect blend of chiming, jangling guitars and caUSE co-MOTION's typical quick paced frenzy – think, perhaps, if you can, Comet Gain's "Red Menace" EP. The title track is my second favorite, with the others not close behind. I would highly suggest grabbing this and getting yourself pumped up for their new Slumberland 7" which you can PREORDER right now! But go here first, and get this EP. Listen to "Who's Gonna Care?"

[MP3]: caUSE co-MOTION :: Who's Gonna Care? (Highly Recommended!)

caUSE co-MOTION on MySpace!

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