Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cause Co-Motion!: Because Because Because

Because Because Because EP

I had not fully taken in Cause Co-Motion's recent Slumberland EP Because Because Because until this past week, but indeed it seems today's most fantastic crash-pop masters have nailed it yet again. Cause Co-Motion's best weapon has always been their relentless, reckless energy and I'm glads to see it's still very much intact – even their "slow" songs pack more steam than your average pop bands speedy songs. Gary Olson's work on this record has done wonders for their recorded sound, as well. The reverb is way deep and the guitars ring out for years and years. The EP's lead-off track, one of their "slow" songs, is the one I'm most impressed with here. You should here it! Get the EP from Slumberland Records.

[MP3]: Cause Co-Motion! :: And You Wonder (Very Highly Rec'd!)

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