Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sweet Bulbs

Sweet Bulbs

I've a huger than huge crush on Brooklyn's noisy Sweet Bulbs. Whenever someone asks me to describe what my favorite music sounds like, I'm normally left scrambling words together, getting nowhere fast. What I think my brain is normally desperately trying to describe is exactly what Sweet Bulbs sound like. Strep-contagious female vocal melodies paired with screaming guitar-mess and catchy, driving basslines. It's the quickest way to my metaphorical music-heart. The most exciting thing about Sweet Bulbs though, is that they seem to nail it everytime. As of right now I've still only heard a few songs, but they've done more than enough to make me enormously impatient to hear the whole of Sweet Bulbs' debut LP, Cybergaze. Listen to "Kissing Clouds" (from the upcoming Cybergaze) and perhaps you'll understand my excitement.

[MP3]: Sweet Bulbs "Kissing Clouds"
(There is no adjective strong enough to clearly stress my recommendation of this song!)

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