Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Graveface Records and Dreamend

Remember when I said that I wouldn't bring post-rock into this blog too much? Well, I lied. I love it, what can I say?

Anyways. Graveface Records boasts some of the best instrumental, creshendo laden, post-rock I've ever heard. But don't run off, they're not just a post-rock label, Graveface offers a smattering of incredible bands ranging from many different styles. Finding Graveface was pretty much like finding Temporary Residence all over again and I am thrilled. Graveface is a bizarre label though, in every sense of the word. The label is owned and run by one person and one person alone. This person is Ryan Manon, who also happens to be the guitarist and vocalist of Dreamend, one of the bands on the label.

Ryan operates Graveface out of his own pocket, maily from day jobs at restaurants and even orchestras. In an interview with Ryan said, "I think that the main thing I look for [with bands] besides brilliance is their desire to be a part of a family. We all help each other out. I want it to be like Motown records, minus the abuse, where everyone plays on everyone’s record, (and where) everyone promotes each other not just by touring and not because they are obligated to. There are no contracts, just our words."

That's right, no contracts at all. Ryan has even turned bands away because they refused to work without a contract. Though Ryan admits going about a label in this fashion can lead to problems, it shows extreme integrity and ethics that you just don't see that much anymore.

Ryan's band, Dreamend just recently released their brand new album titled, "Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely" and from the couple songs ive heard, it's nothing short of outstanding.

From Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely:
"Iceland" (via Cokemachineglow) (Higly Rec'd!)
"Can't Take You{dif}" (Highly Rec'd!)

Other Graveface MP3s: (All Highly Rec'd as well)
Daturah "Lovelight" (edit)
Jakob "The Diffusion of Our Inherent Situation"
Hundred Hands "Waiting in Denver, 4:05am"

Visit Graveface Records for more MP3s, Bands, and to buy stuff. Buy lots of stuff.
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