Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hey Hey My My

I meant to do a post on Hey Hey My My a long while ago, but you know how things get and I guess I just forgot about doing it. Anyway, today I got this gig poster [see above] in an email, and I was just so in love witht he poster itself that it made me check these guys out again. Hey Hey My My is Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier, two guitarists with a desire to craft charming folk songs in the same vien as Nick Drake, Frank Black, Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash or Brian Wilson. I recommend giving them a listen.

[MP3]: Hey Hey My My :: Too Much Space

I got A Silver Mt. Zion's He has Left us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of our Rooms [the last of their albums I hadn't heard yet] and I've gotta say, I haven't been this blown away by an album in a very very long time. If you've haven't heard this album, or anything by A Silver Mt. Zion for that matter, it's about time you did.
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