Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Think I Have A Favorite Record Of The Year So Far

For a band that I know, seriously, nothing about, Love Dance have surprisingly released what I would say is probably my favorite record of the year so far. Result, released by the consistantly awesome Marsh-Marigold label in Germany, sounds like it should have been released at least ten years ago. It's easy to say that a record is great from beginning to end right when you hear it, but I've been playing Result over and over and over for the past month or so and not only am I not tired of it, but it seems like the songs keep getting better. From the addictively catchy jangly guitar melodies and handclaps to the glowing synths, and even the occasional dabble in poppy shoegaze, it's just fantastic, period. I was gonna treat you to my absolute favorite track, "Losing Faith," but I think I've somehow corrupted the whole album on my computer and every track just started skipping. Sooooo, instead, courtesy of Love Dance's might-as-well-be-non-existant website, here's "Ninety Six," which is almost as awesome. Okay nevermind, I fixed them. Now listen to this and realize how exceptionally exceptional it is!

[MP3]: Love Dance :: Losing Faith (Highly, Ridiculously, Recommended!)

In the U.S.? Buy Result from Indiepages!
In, um, not the U.S.? Buy it from somewhere else, maybe Marsh-Marigold's shop!

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