Thursday, January 24, 2008

Everyday We Pray For Lost and Lonely Souls

I stumbled onto The Cameos MySpace page earlier tonight and I guess I didn't really pay too close attention to the list of songs, because about 20 seconds later, I found myself shouting under my breath "Oh shit Testament!" I looked and indeed they've got up a cover of The Wake's "Testament" – quite possibly their best song ever. It's just not the same without that bassline (you KNOW the bassline), but The Cameos cover is quite good in it's own right. It's awfully haunting and heavily-reverbed, with just a buried acoustic guitar to keep things moving along. I highly recommend you go check it out, especially if you're a fan of the original. While you're there you should also listen to the rest of the songs they've got up. I think my favorite has to be "Shine."

The Cameos on MySpace

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