Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still Corners!

London's Still Corners

I recieved Still Corners' debut Remember Pepper? a month (maybe two) ago and for some reason I've been sitting my lazy out-of-school-for-the-summer butt on it for that same length of time. Not that it's a dire issue, anyway, it's a really lovely record and people don't necessarily need my help to realize that. But, I figured I love it enough a lot, I might as well say so.

Now, I mean this as complimentary as I can possibly get across, but Remember Pepper? sounds like Still Corners somehow uncovered six as-yet-unknown missing tracks from Broadcast's The Noise Made By People (perhaps one of my fav records ever) and went and made EP out of them – albeit, an astonishingly good one, and all their own, mind you. But still. Yeah. These six songs (Yep, all six of them lovely) couldn't possibly be more breezy and dreamy even if they were blowing on clothing line in outer space. Whoa! Favorites of mine include the lead track "History of Love" and oddly enough, closer "French Kiss." Reverb is good, friends, it is ALWAYS good. It's particularly good if you slather it all over some nice electric organ and sing like and angel over top of it. Remember that forever. Now, how about a song? Yes! A song indeed!

[MP3]: Still Corners :: History of Love (Highly Recommended!!!)

Still Corners on MySpace!

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