Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pet Milk: So Hot Right Now

Pet Milk are fantastic new band from Philadelphia featuring, among others, the lovely Herbie Shellenberger of Brown Recluse! They — like one of my other recent favorites, Weed Hounds — play some highly infectious fuzzed-out pop with a little bit of that boy/girl vocal thing going on from time to time. Their debut demo EP reminds me of everything I love about noisy pop and ultimately leaves me feeling about as excited as I was when I first heard the Pains several years ago. I could listen to records and records of this stuff. I've been dying to see them live since I first heard their self-titled EP back around mid-May, but then I cleverly managed to miss their first show... bummer. Anyway, The Pet Milk EP is available for free over on Pet Milk's Bandcamp page and I highly recommend grabbing is as soon as you can — you really don't want to miss this one!

[MP3]: Pet Milk :: Cherry Outline (Really, really recommended!)

Pet Milk on Bandcamp.

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Blogger xrobinbanksx said...

yes! good pick. i've been way into this for the past few weeks. wish my tape would arrive.

1:44 AM  
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