Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Blow Need Your Videos!!!

The Blow

Hello out there in the world,
girls, boys, men, women, others,

VIDEOS! We need simple little videos! From you. You you you in your world that we know nothing about.

We are trying to get 25 little mini music videos for use in the upcoming tour.
We want them to play on a screen while we sing the new song "Pile of Gold."
They can be really simple. The kind of thing you make in one day, or in two.
Which is convenient, because we need them by THIS TUESDAY. September 5th, 2006.

You can listen to the song, and download it for free at Watch the movie that we put up, that explains it in detail (and asks you to make one part of it SHINY!)
either here on myspace, or at Youtube (
And then you just go for it.

We are really curious to just have pictures of what it is like out there in the world, in your worlds. And to see what the song makes you think of, and how you might interpret it.
The videos will be in a huge grid (if we get enough of them) all going at the same time. The variety of images is going to look really cool, we think.

Ok. Awesome. Thank you.
Let 'er rip!

So, watch this video for further instructions, download the MP3 and get filming!

[MP3]: The Blow :: Pile of Gold

The Blow on MySpace
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