Thursday, August 24, 2006

Born Ruffians: "Piecing It Together"

As if we really require any, here is even more proof that Canada is awesome at indie rock. Ontario's Born Ruffians are a rare breed of rock band blending the sounds of completely spastic indie rock with the sweet catchiness of jangly pop into one completely dancable and infectious final product. They must be doing something right to have caught the ears of Warp Records, who will soon be releasing their debut self-titled EP on October 17th. I'm in love with every track on the EP but these currently my two favorites.

[MP3]: Born Ruffians :: Pieceing It Together (Highly Recommended!)
[MP3]: Born Ruffians :: Merry Little Fancy Things (Highly Recommended!)
"Piecing It Together" starts with fast ringing guitar and wuirky vocals that made me immediatly think of Of Montreal, but then it changes and slows down a bit, then changes again into something that sounds almost out of some forgotten 80's pop song. Then, after the short pseudo chorus it changes again, this time opting for feedback drenched guitar stabs that sound like they came right out of a Modest Mouse song. Of Montreal to Modest Mouse in a few simple steps, there you go. You can even dance the whole time, how about that?!

The Born Ruffians EP will also be out in the UK around the same time as the U.S., as XL Recordings will also be releasing it for you European folks.

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