Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bobby Baby: "Lucky Moments"

Two of my favorite blogs, Indie MP3 and Swedes Please, have already covered covered Bobby Baby fairly extensively in the past, but since she's awesome and came up on iTunes randomly today I figured I'd share a song with you. Since 2002 Ella has been making dreamy indie pop all on her own at home under the aliases Kangasmukko, Ella Glockenspiel and currently, Bobby Baby. Then in August 2005 Bobby Baby and Lucky Misu started the Do What You Doo! studio, where she now records all of her music. In May she released the Loves To Dance EP on Red Letter Day Records, and recorded a few more songs that have yet to be released. This song doesn't appear on the EP but it's probably my favorite song of her's.

[MP3]: Bobby Baby :: Lucky Moments (So Recommended!)
I think the reason I like this song so much is because, unlike the majority of her other songs that lean more on the electro indie pop side, this one relies on a melody led by acoustic guitar. Ella sings lyrics like "I like the moments in between, go to work and go to sleep, I like resting my head on your shoulder" with such a childlike innocence in her voice that I can't help but always smile.

Watch the video for "The Some Place New" from the Loves To Dance EP.
Buy the Loves To Dance EP from Red Letter Day Records

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