Saturday, August 12, 2006

Grizzly Bear Vs. Of Montreal

When I heard news of the new Of Montreal remix album Satanic Twins (Polyvinyl) I was a little shocked. At the time, it seemed to me that Of Montreal were already weird enough that remixes would just be overkill. Well, to my surprise not only are the remixes defnitely not overkill, but most of them are pretty damn good. Take this remix of "I Was A Landscape In Your Dream" for example, by the incredible Grizzly Bear.

[MP3]: Of Montreal :: I Was A Landscape In Your Dream [Grizzly Bear remix]
Here, in true Grizzly Bear style, they take one of darker songs from The Sunlandic Twins and make it even darker. Utilizing mostly organ drone and slow crackling static the song takes on a whole new incredibly dense ethereal feeling that I think not only might fit the lyrics better, but also makes the chorus of ooh's and ahh's that much more eerie. In fact, if I'm not being too bold, I'm gonna go ahead and say I like this remix more than the original. Compare and decide for yourself.

[MP3]: Of Montreal :: I Was A Landscape In Your Dream

Preorders for Satanic Twins went out yesterday, so if you STILL haven't ordered your copy yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Head over to Polyvinyl Records and get yourself a copy of the limited edition 2LP. Or yknow, you could suck and just get it digitally on August 22nd via iTunes, eMusic, or anywhere else fine MP3's are sold.
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