Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Besties: "79 Lorimer Song"

The Besties play some of the cutest and catchiest indie pop currently coming out of Brooklyn. They released their debut album Singer back in February(Valentines Day to be exact) on Skipping Stones Records. Their songs are full of keyboard and guitar driven melodies topped off with the always lovable girl/boy vocal trade-offs. This song actually comes from their earlier EP which was released before Singer. The reason I'm posting this one is because well, it's my favorite song from them for one. And two, I hadn't listened to it in a while and I had forgotten how great it was, so I hope you enjoy!

[MP3]: The Besties :: 79 Lorimer Song (Mighty Recommeded!)*
I've noticed lately that I have a harder time describing why I like songs that I really really like than the songs that I just kinda like. There's no resolution there, just a random thought. However, I do know why I love this song. It's the chorus, the chorus that I can't even understand most of yet still sing along with everytime waiting for my chance to sing "three times for the metal band that plays upstairs!"

*Mighty Recommended if you like cutesy, twee-esque, indie pop. Come to think of it, I've been posting a hell of a lot of pop lately, most specifically cutesy lighthearted pop, so you must all be used to it by now. And if you're not into it you're probably not reading this, so I guess we're cool!

The Besties have got a few shows coming up in August, and then a few more in October culminating with a set at Popfest New England!

Aug 10 Little Kings Athens, GA
Aug 11 Moon Colony Razorblade Jacksonville, FL
Aug 12 SK Netcafe Charlotte, NC
Oct 1 The Cakeshop New York , NY
Oct 7 POPFEST NEW ENGLAND!! Northhampton, MA

The Besties on MySpace

Jewlie over at The Fabulist posted a band the other day by the name of The Parson Red Heads. She's been singing me her praises for several days and now that I've finally heard them I can strongly recommend that you head over there and check them out immediately.
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