Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Velvet Teen: "GyzmKid"

I got started on The Velvet Teen a little late, but I've held a steady love for them since first hearing Elysium last year which is why I can't believe I almost forgot about their new record Cum Laude. Going into this record being only exposed to Elysium prior to it was quite a swift kick in the face. The album jumps all over the place, as well as still jumping into the sound that keeps a lot of people from becoming fans. That sound would be the sometimes emo-esque vocals and lyrics. That put me off a bit at first, but the music is just too engaging, insane, and in my opinion, brilliant to let a few whiny parts deter me from enjoying an otherwise incredible album. Anyway, whether that piqued your interest or not, do yourself a favor and check out this track. Cum Laude was released by Slowdance Records on July 25th.

[MP3]: The Velvet Teen :: GyzmKid (Very Highly Recommended!)
[MP3]: The Velvet teen :: Tokyoto (Also Highly Recommened!)
For lack of a better word, "GyzmKid" is an complete and utter mindf**k. The buzzing keyboard that you first hear only gives a quick hint as to what kind of ridiculous speed-freak drumming that Casey Deitz has waiting right around the corner. Then after a little buildup of Space Invaders-sounding bips and bleeps, the guitar comes in and wow. Just wow. I can't get enough of this song or this whole album, actually.

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