Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Changes: "Water on the Gods"

Fact: There is just not enough jangy pop being made these days. The indie pop scene is getting more and more clogged up with casios and laptops everyday and the jangle just seems to not be as prevalent. There's been a bit of a popular comeback lately with Voxtrot's brand of 60's style guitar pop filling the ears of every hipster accross the world. So, just as in any scenario when there is a lack of something great, everytime it comes around it's a huge breath of fresh air. That's exactly why I'm so hooked on The Changes right now.

Prooving that Chicago knows how to pop just as good as anyone else, The Changes play shiny guitar pop that jumps back and forth from The Sea and Cake-esque tunes to straight twee pop throughout the entirety their upcoming record Today is Tonight. If you love Voxtrot, or jangy 60's influenced pop in general, then say hello to your new favorite band. Today is Tonight is out in September on Drama Club Records.

[MP3]: The Changes :: Water on the Gods
Like I said above, this album has a few faces. Well, this song would definitely fall into the more twee side of the album, which as might have guessed, is my favorite of the albums many personalities. As soon as I hear that opening note I just wanna crank this up and go running around outside. But I'm not going to, cause it's humid as hell outside. i'll just wiggle in my seat. yeah, that'll work.

The Changes on MySpace

I'd like to urge you to go check out Resounder, a new music blog that doesn't look like a blogger template. Hooray! Some great stuff over there, new and old.
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