Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I think they heard a rumor

I didn't really feel like posting at work today, but here we are. I was browsing the Asthmatic Kitty website this morning and noticed a new record by Belltower. Turns out Belltower isn't so much a band as it is just one woman. That woman is Bridgit DeCook, AK label friend, Illinoisemaker, Castanet, and righthand woman to Liz Janes live. Being best friends with Asthmatic Kitty obviously has it's perks, as they been kind enough to exclusively release Belltower's first record, Sweet Fruit. The drastically reworked cover of the Pet Shop Boys' "Two Divided by Zero" is a perfect example of the dark acoustic beauty within Sweet Fruit.

[MP3]: Belltower :: Two Divided by Zero (Pet Shop Boys Cover)

Buy Sweet Fruit from Asthmatic Kitty for just $5


For those of you that can read French, there is some news of the upcoming Joanna Newsom record set for release in November on Drag City Records. Looks like just five songs, but if you notice, they're all quite long. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it looks like there are more than a few great producers on board, so who knows.

Joanna est de retour

La folkeuse à la harpe Joanna Newsom sera de retour dans les bacs le 6 novembre (Drag City), avec un nouvel album intitulé ys, faisant suite à The Milk-eyed Mender.

Il est coproduit par Van Dyke Parks (U2, Beach Boys,Bruce Springsteen, Tim Buckley, The Buena Vista Social Club), enregistré sous la supervision de Steve Albini et mixé par Jim O’Rourke.

Tracklisting :
1. Emily 12:07
2. Monkey & Bear 09:29
3. Sawdust & Diamonds 09:54
4. Only Skin 16:53
5. Cosmia 07:15

Vu la longueur des titres on sent que ça va passer non stop sur les ondes
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