Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Second Story Man: "Cancer Dance"

One of the many hilarious moments from Pitchfork this past weekend was running into these two [very likely drunk] girls from Louisville in the elevator of our hotel that explained to us that they had been riding the elevator up and down for hours because they were bored and it was the only fun thing to do. Lousiville's Second Story Man would probably also ride elevators all day, if they weren't too busy making great music. Around since 1998, SSM are ready to release their strongest and most consistant record yet, a new 7 song "albumette" of sorts. Red Glows Brighter will be released on the band’s own Landmark Recordings on August 22nd. I've been listening to this Grizzly Bear-esque track from Red Glows Brighter all morning. I highly suggest you check it out.

[MP3]: Second Story Man :: Cancer Dance (Recommended)

Also from the upcoming album...
[MP3]: Second Story Man :: Catalyst

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