Thursday, August 03, 2006

Feel it feel it golden light

As many might know, I'm hardly a fan of electronica and dance music and rarely post about it here, but sometimes, there are exceptions, like Lisa Papineau. You may remember Lisa from her guest vocals in M83's "Teen Angst" last year, but if you don't it's okay because it's stickered right on the front of Lisa's new album Night Moves. For good reason though; her vocals on that song were incredible and they're just as great here. This girl has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard, even if she does use it for electronica.

[MP3]: Lisa Papineau :: The Quiet Storm (Highly Recommended!)
The fascinating thing about this song, besides Lisa's silky smooth voice, is how it manages to all at once be dancable, catchy, and beautiful. She flows in and out of the choruses so smoothly that it's almost like the whole song is just one single verse. However, there are choruses, and by the time you're through the first you'll waiting one the edge of your seat for the second one.

[MP3]: Lisa Papineau :: Out To You (Highly Recommended!)
This song is much more sparse musically than "The Quiet Storm," showcasing Lisa's voice stronger than anywhere else on the album. Besides a bit of synth, Lisa's voice is the melody here and it ends up being wildly catchy, in the laziest way possible. Again, when her voice rises up in the chorus you're kinda just knocked back in your seat.

BONUS [MP3]: M83 :: Teen Angst (Highly Recommended!)

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