Monday, August 14, 2006

The Airfields: "Lonely Halls"

While I wait for art to get finished for The Airfields' Laneways 10" EP I figured I'd go ahead and introduce you guys to them here. They come stock with two keywords: "Canada" and "Jangle Pop." Now either both or at least one of those words has now got you interested, and if that's not the case than you shouldn't be reading this. Go, get out of here, jerk. Okay, for those of you still with us, check out this awesome track from their Laneways EP. The CD version of Laneways is currently available for buyage and the 10" should be ready soon. I'll keep you posted.

[MP3]: The Airfields :: Lonely Halls (Highly Recommended!)
If you caught my post a little while ago on Rocketship, then imagine them, sans organ, and you've pretty much got The Airfields. Here, twinkling guitars interweave creating a dream-like melody that shares as much in common with early Sarah Records era pop as it does with My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive. The lyrics however are typical pop fare flowy gracefully in the verses and then hitting sharper in the chorus following the snare drum's orders.

Visit Humblebee Records and buy Laneways on CD now. Or, like me, you can wait until the sure-to-be beautiful handmade 10" is finished. The guys (and gal) have been on a break from performing since May and are writing and recording steadily for their debut full length that will no doubt be awesome. Also, I highly recommend heading here and checking out the video for their song "Red Fox," which also comes from the Laneways EP.

The Airfields on MySpace
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