Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beauty Sleep: "Mayor of Athens"

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's been reading for the past week or so that I'm now obsessed with The Besties. Well, The Besties are on Skipping Stones Records and while I was browsing their website I stumbled upon another Brooklyn band (friends of The Besties, no less) by the name of Beauty Sleep. Skipping Stones will be releasing Beauty Sleep's debut full length Songs On Tape Records this winter. Here's a new track from the upcoming release.

[MP3]: Beauty Sleep :: Mayor of Athens (Pretty Recommended)
The band states their two biggest influences as being Rilo Kiley and Built To Spill, which is actually quite evident in their music, and especially this song. The lyrics and melodies say pop, but the catchy as hell guitarwork in the verses hints that Beauty Sleep is much more than just a pop band. The guitar I speak of almost reminds me of the toy piano melody in "2am" by Thee More Shallows. Anybody else?

Interested in more new songs? Send them an email will your cell phone number and they'll play you a new song on your voicemail. How neat! Assuming that they actually do it.

Beauty Sleep on MySpace
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