Monday, August 21, 2006

AIH working on new "dope jamz," lose members

Architecture in Helsinki

It's been a while since we last checked in with everbody's favorite Australian freak pop troupe Architecture in Helsinki and according to a update posted on their website, many things, both good and bad, are abloom!


So, It is a hive of creativity in the Helsinki world at the moment. We are in the midst of demoing somewhere between 9 and 20 songs for our new record. Right now we don't have a name but there are many ridiculous working titles! some of which we will list next time around....

Suffice to say, the jamz are sounding dope, though, we are probably getting a little too into Cameron's Latin percussion drum machines (the Phil Collins influence is definitely putting a dampner on that!) All according to plan we should have the record finished by the end of this year for an early to mid 07 release date, hopefully, we will also be able to squeeze in a new single in the meantime.

We will be hitting the road in the US in September/October to roadtest a bunch of the new songs, and also team up with our friends Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, on a run of shows starting around central park in New York City and ending in Los Angeles, CA. (see dates below).

In forthcoming releases section, we are working on compiling an album of remixes of tracks from 'In Case We Die'. Thus far we have mixes from Mocky, Hot Chip, Dat Politics, Squeak e Clean, Qua, 33HZ, Franc Tetaz, Isan, DJ Medhi and Safety Scissors, with a few more to be confirmed. We are ultra happy with the way it is turning out, a wild and motley crew have been involved and their interpretations cater for all moods, for feet, heart and brains! This should see a local release in Australia and the US sometime in September/October, and all going to plan we willl have it to sell on tour in the US in a few of weeks.

In the last months since our spring euro/us sojourn ended, the winds of change have been blowing through our camp. We have to announce that AIH is now a 6 piece as Tara and Isobel are no longer part of the group. The presence and pizazz over the past few years has helped make AIH what we are. We want to thank them endlessly for their heart and energy and wish them the very best with their future endeavours.

And on that note we must bid farewell...

Take care, stop at red lights,
Architecture in Helsinki

Isobel was my favorite member in the group and she, as well as Tara, will be sorely missed. However, with 9 to 20 new songs on the way, I can't help but think I might just be okay!

In other Architecture in Helsinki news, they have now put their cover of "Pet Sounds" up on their MySpace. I highly recommend you check it out.

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