Monday, September 11, 2006

Les Georges Leningrad: Skulls in the Closet

Les Georges Leningrad

Hello All! I've finally returned from my little "vacation" from the blogging world. It was a good break, but it's time to get myself back inot the swing of things. Well enough about my break, onto the music.

Montreal's self-described purveyor's of "petro-chemical rock," Les Georges Leningrad will be releasing their third full-length album this fall on what I'm assuming will be Alien 8 Recordings. The new album, Sangue Puro, is a chaotic mess, and I mean that in the best way possible. Think Animal Collective meets CSS and Death From Above 1979 and I think you'' probably have a good idea of what to expect from Sangue Puro.

[MP3]: Les Georges Leningrad :: Skulls in the Closet
When I first heard this song and that damaged synth line at the very beginning, I was just imagining a commercial for some fancy European sports car in my head and then of course, the drums came in and it went away. But those first ten seconds or so... sports car commercial. Working off of that same synth line the song heads in a completely different direction with Poney P.'s outlandish and unmistakble shouted vocals taking the front seat, driving the song into a it's eventual violent uproar.

If you've never ventured into Les Georges Leningrad before, I highly recommend checking out this song from their last album Sur les traces de Black Eskimo.
[MP3]: Les Georges Leningrad :: Sponsorships

You can buy their previous records from Alien 8 Recordings
Les Georges Leningrad on MySpace
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