Monday, January 29, 2007

The Besties: "Rod 'N' Reel"

Marisa is hiding!

Since The Besties' last release, Singer (which I loved), they've done away with the "Shit Kicker" (their nicknamed drum machine), in exchange for living and breathing drummer Frank Korn and it seems to have been a fantastic decision. The songs on their brand new 7" single on Hugpatch Records sound much more full and exciting than most of what we heard on Singer. See what you think. I'm saying this is one of my favorite songs of 2007 so far.

[MP3]: The Besties :: Rod 'N' Reel (Highly Highly Recommended!!!)
You'll notice right away that this is a new Besties. You hear those drumsticks? Those are new! Real drums are new! Where Singer relied heavily on keyboards, "Rod 'N' Reel" looks more to the drums and guitar to drive the melody into your head. The girls' harmonies aren't really anything new, but oh man, Marisa and Kelly sound so great here. Don't you just love how they sing "Alamanda Avenue" ?!?! Oh yeah, Good song!

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