Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Smile And A Ribbon: "Pebbles"

Martin and Rebecca of A Smile And A Ribbon

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but it, uh, didn't.

A Smile and A Ribbon are a tiny little pop band from, you guessed it, Sweden. The Duo of Rebecca Mehlman & Martin Lindqvist make lighthearted pop songs about love and love lost, employing catchy melodies and a delicate vocal delivery. Sometimes they play with their friends The Budgies, and sometimes they don't.

After a three-year long hiatus, the legendary Shelflife label will jump back into action early this year to release A Smile and A Ribbon's debut The Boy I Wish I Never Met. The album will come as a multipackage containing a vinyl single with two new songs ("Then I Felt Your Cheek" & "Sugar Daddy"). Here's a song from the album!

[MP3]: A Smile and A Ribbon :: Pebbles
Rebecca's soft vocals paired the equally soft guitar make this song a perfect addition to any afternoon napping soundtrack. This song's got a real Softies-esque charm to it that's really got me interested in hearing the whole record now. Now go get napping! And take this with you!

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