Thursday, July 05, 2007

Meneguar: "Bury A Flower"


I've never noticed New York's Meneguar being talked about that much, which kind of surprises me a lot. When I started listening to them I figured I was relatively late on the bandwagon, but I dont know, maybe I'm not. They released their debut record I Was Born At Night in 2005, then a 7" last year and a re-release of the same debut record. I haven't heard much of I Was Born At Night, but the 7" single they put out last year on Troubleman is ridiculously good and it's basically been my summer jam for the past month or so. It's called "Bury A Flower" and it's ace! The guitars and drums are very driving -- perfect to dance to -- and when the tom roll-filled bridge breaks back into the chorus it's pure awesomeness, just you wait and see. Stay armed with photographs, indeed.

[MP3]: Meneguar :: Bury A Flower (Highly Recommended!)

If you want, you can buy their records from Troubleman Unlimited's shop
Meneguar on MySpace

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