Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Warm Morning

Warm Morning's Silver Rain 7"

The recent release Warm Morning's Silver Rain 7"+CD marked the return of the wonderful Shelflife Records, who've got even more things planned for the rest of 2007. Warm Morning are two brothers from Italy playing mostly acoustic pop songs completely befitted of their name. I may have used befitted incorrectly there, but the point is the songs are warm and relaxing, not too unlike the Kings of Convenience, and the often mentioned Lotus Eaters, whom I've actually never heard. I'm really liking "Behind The Curtain". Have a listen.

[MP3]: Warm Morning :: Behind The Curtain

The 7" is quite pretty, with a wraparound label and colorful artwork by Jill Bliss. The CD's got five tracks and the 7" has two. It's $15 for both, which is a pretty sweet deal. Buy it here. Shelflife's also planned an A Smile And A Ribbon release for this year, but no exact news as of yet; hopefully we'll see it soon!

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