Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sleepyhead: "Different Colored Letters"

I'm not sure how it took me this long to hear Sleepyhead's Punk Rock City USA LP, but it's everything I wanted it to be. Anyone out there who hasn't heard it, please listen to the following song. It makes me wish I was six years and falling in love, and I've always been under the assumptiont hat that's the best thing a song can do. I'd suggest reading a long with the lyrics.

[MP3]: Sleepyhead :: Different Colored Letters (Highly Recommended!!)

I meet you here at the end of the day after school and drive you home
But I think that we'd be better off if we went somewhere alone
I still think you're beautiful and I think it all the time
I don't care what your brother said, just tell him that you're mine

And know that I'm not the coolest guy in school
And all of those other guys would be so cool
But I promise to treat you the best I know how
If you promise to kiss me on the lips right now

Maybe I'm too young for you and maybe you're too young for me
But just think when you're turning ninety-one, I'll be turning ninety-three
And maybe we'll just say these things we want, I guess they don't know what we're thinking of
And anyone that says this is boring, I guess they ain't never been in love

And you know how much I hate it when you have to go away
And how much I hate it when you get off the phone
How much I mean it when I say I was true
And I would do anything to put me near you

How could I say "yes" when I shoulda said "no"?
There's one way to get there, there's one way to go
Why couldn't we always leave it on?
Why couldn't we always...
Leave it for when the time was better?
Replace you when I had to?
Wait until I really have to go
And ask, and I would not know what to say
And for the first few weeks you'd get a different colored letter
Everyday each was my favorite
Well I just don't know 'cause they're all so great

How could I say "no" when I shoulda said "yes"?
How did something so simple get to be such a mess?
It's like something so right ever be wrong?

Put your arms around me, baby
And tell me you love me and you miss me
We'll always remember how we made it so far
We'll never forget what it feels like to have a broken heart

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