Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dont Go To Florida, Dear, Without Me

One Happy Island!

I love One Happy Island a lot. A lot, a lot – and I would've finally gotten to see them back on the first of the month if it weren't for nature's most awful of slaps to face – FREEZING RAIN. A slip, a slide, a curb, and one broken axle later... we were most definitely not making it to New York. Looks like I'll be waiting until Popfest.

Thinking back about it, I realized I'd not ever mentioned how great their songs make me feel. So, I will tell you... they make me feel really happy; which is great, yknow, because they are supposedly One HAPPY Island. Their recently released Pulaski Park EP on the always wonderful WeePOP! label is 110% great. It's great in the sense that I listen to it often, quite often, and it's still better than good; especially "Florida, Dear", who's awesomeness knows no bounds. Really, it knows none, it's a joy. Listen!

[MP3]: One Happy Island :: Florida, Dear (Yesssssssssss!!!)

Buy Pulaski Park from WeePOP!
One Happy Island on MySpace!

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