Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Popfest New England 2010!

I hope by now everyone is getting very excited for Popfest New England 2010! If you've yet to get excited than consider this your chance, because I'm going to be very excited about it for a few more sentences. As in the previous years, Popfest New England will be hosted by Skipping Stones Records in Northampton, Ma! This years fest will be taking place over two days — Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14. There are a lot of reasons to go, but here are two big ones: 1) The lineup is super awesome! (see below!) and 2) Northampton is going to be BEAUTIFUL in November; orange and red everywhere! Also, on a personal note, the two bands I begged to have at the fest are both going to be there (Weed Hounds and Sweet Bulbs, in case you were wondering). LETS'S GET EXCITED!

Here's that fantastic lineup I was talking about:

14 Iced Bears
London, England

Bourgeois Heroes
Northampton, MA

Panda Riot
Chicago, IL

Baltimore, MD

Brown Recluse
Philadelphia, PA

The Smittens
Burlington, VT

Brooklyn, NY

Broooklyn, NY

The True Jacqueline
Northampton, MA

The Hush Now
Boston, MA

The Mystery Keys
Brooklyn, NY

Whistle Jacket
Somerville, MA

Weed Hounds
Brooklyn, NY

Onward Chariots
Brooklyn, NY

Sweet Bulbs
Brooklyn, NY

Math the Band
Providence, RI

Chicago, IL

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Blogger colin said...

why is EVERY popfest eiter 21+ or in far-off lands? :C

popfest 2012 had BETTER be awesome!

7:45 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

the athens popfest was 100% all ages just a FYI. mike

10:04 PM  

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