Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Belle and Sebastian News!!!

Ah, Belle and Sebastian you tease us so. Not only have they spoke of a U.S. tour being announced shorty, but they also plan to release a new album(of sorts) preceeding the other new album, "The Life Pursuit." There are rumors of this possibly being a Christmas album and since they said it will see release in about 3 weeks, this seems like it could very possibly be correct.

Possible B&S Christmas jams! What a holiday this is panning out to be...

"A US tour will be announced shortly. Then Europe. Then maybe Japan and Australia. Ah, the promotional merry-go-round.
Cryptic last bit: There will actually be another B&S album (of sorts) released before "The Life Pursuit". In three weeks in fact. But we can't say what it is for a couple of days.
Chris and Richard are also doing some DJ'ing soon as well, check out the News page on the website for more details.That's it for now.
Belle and Sebastian."
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