Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Handsome Charlies

With touting accents, finespun looks, and high-powered stage presence, The Handsome Charlies have blitzed their way into the collective heart of Austin, TX with an "infectious blend of uber-pop sensibility (Pulp), shrewd songwriting (Ween), and post-millenium sound (Radiohead)."

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I was introduced to the Charlies by a certain Penguin and I thank him for giving me the heads up. With inluences ranging from XTC to The Pixies, it's no surprise that these Australian rockers(Who live in Texas) boast some of the best pop/rock music coming out Austin right now. These guys should be on Chris' texas spotlight this week... but we'll see I guess ;)
They just recently released their debut full-length. You can buy it from I Eat Records.
[MP3]: From the new album, Gentlemen Never Tell
Coffee (Highly Rec'd)
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