Tuesday, November 15, 2005

White Stripes' 'The Denial Twist' Live Dowloads Out Today

The first four of the 'The Denial Twist' live downloads from the current UK tour are available to fans everywhere to buy online and download NOW! Jack and Meg have been playing the track differently at each date with versions so far being played on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, marimba, and piano. I would jump on these if I were you, each one is a completely different version, and they are very high quality. A further six versions from the remainder of the tour will be added throughout this week - you can still pre-order these now.

Buy the downloads using your credit card or mobile phone HERE.

The downloads are available as high quality MP3, Windows Media or AAC files to cater for all of your music players' needs and are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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