Monday, November 07, 2005

The Brunettes sign on with SubPop

New Zealand pop sensation, The Brunettes, have just signed to SubPop Records! Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop Records says: "Having shimmied, curtsied and barnstormed their way into the hearts of North America, I was left no choice but to sign The Brunettes. That's not to say that I am anything less than overjoyed. I am, in fact, thrilled! But it's their unerring ability to captivate, both on stage and in the studio, that inspired me to purchase their souls. Oh, I mean that inspired me to sign 'em to Sub Pop. Seriously though: I'm so excited to be working with The Brunettes. These youngsters know how to - in the words of a beloved pop band from my youth - shake some action!"

You(and I) can expect their first release sometime around summer/fall 2006. Now that's quite a long time away, so until then, have a listen to this "Coy, cute, cutie-pie, hoochie-pie, coochie-woo, woochie-candy-poo" band. That description comes straight from Lil' Chief Records -- the band's old home -- and it couldn't be more descriptive.

The Brunettes would be the perfect soundtrack to childish love or maybe that first time you questioned the wise theory of cootees. Whichever feeling it evokes, its going to involve happiness and love. I mean, look at the titles of their records: "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" "Mars Loves Venus" and "When Ice Met Cream." So if your're into that sort of thing, like Matt, then The Brunettes are for you.

Goodnight Little Cherub Boy

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