Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bound Stems

I found the Bound Stems while browsing Flameshovel Records today and I was immediately hooked. I would say theyre like a quirkier Walkmen. Its Pop, there's no question, but it's fairly experimental and very interesting. There's also a lot of well used "found sound" in the two songs I've heard. Overall, they're a very fun listen and I'm really loving their song "Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone" and I can't seem to get the yeah, yeah, yeah's at the the end of the song out of my head. See what you think of them, let me know if you guys are digging it. Someone said they sound like The Arcade Fire, is anyone getting that?

They have a brand new EP called The Logic of Building the Body Plan coming out November 15th of Flameshovel records. The label says, "The Logic of Building the Body Plan is an intricately arranged 26 minutes of pop music founded on secretly complicated rhythmic structures. Male vocals and female harmonies build narratives off scenes summoned by the instruments and by a library of stolen sounds that emigrated to their songs: grandmas, crafty cabbies, trains, party laughter, turnstiles, storytellers and a fieldsworth of crickets. It's approachable music. It sounds like they knocked themselves out, which they did, and it also sounds like a pleasure to dive headfirst into."

Preorder it here.

Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone (Highly, Highly Rec'd)
My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed
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